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Unread 3rd of March, 2009, 12:16
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Please post a description of your characters here.
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Unread 3rd of March, 2009, 12:31
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Arkas is a young man of average height and an athletic build. His skin tone is a darker brown than that most Danleb natives. He has dark eyes, and short hair that is naturally dark, but bleached from sunlight. He wears simple traveling clothes in brown hues under light leather armor.
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Sophia Leandros:
--a woman of average height and weight with long dark brown hair and Semitic/Mediterranean skin tone.
--she's built up quite a wardrobe, and has outfits that are appropriate for royal courts, brightly-colored performance clothes, and sturdy travelling clothes. She has the fashion sense advantage, so her outfits always possess style in addition to utility.
--she carries her walking staff with her almost everywhere she goes, as well as a large knife in her belt. In places where a staff would be out of place and weapons discouraged she has a small knife that fits in a hidden pouch in her formal attire.
--if an actress would assist you in envisioning her, picture Aishwarya Rai. When looking for a good picture of her, I discovered something interesting. She's actually the woman in the picture david picked for "women in castle danleb." Further links to pictures of her here and here.
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