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Unread 19th of September, 2010, 02:53
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Region & Culture Template


A few paragraphs describing your envisionment of this location in relation to the rest of the world. Is it secluded? It is a major trade route? How is the weather? Is water common or scarce? Are there natural barriers/features such as rivers, mountains, or valleys etc?


This runs from pointy sticks and rocks to high medieval with plate armor and the like. What do these people have and/or know how to make? ( Note that those two don't always have to match up. )


How organized are they? Do they have cities? Huts with baked mud and dung walls? A democracy? City-states or Empires? How do they 'think' in terms of 'public' kind of things?


A couple of paragraphs on the culture in general. What are these people like, how to they dress, what do they do for fun, and what do they find annoying etc etc etc. All that good stuff.


How are people of differing sexes and races treated by this culture. This deserves particular note in this genre because modern conceptions are often quite inaccurate.

How are women ( or men? ) treated in society? Can they own property? Are they free to make their own decisions or are they subject to the whim of their patriarch? Are they instead all kept as slaves by the all-powerful men? ( Or vice-versa? ) Whatever. Tell me how this stuff works.

What are the racial/appearance characteristics of these people? How do they react/stereotype other people/races?


Where do they fall on that sliding meter of Vitality? Are they still 'fresh' and vibrant or has this society started to decay? Is it already 'in' decay? Do they have any problems or issues that might be vitality oriented that we should discuss?


How is Sorcery perceived by this people? Do they practice it? If so, how? What is the cultural context of Sorcery and Demons, etc, to these guys?


All that living stuff outside the walls that we might want to go see sometime? Yeah. Tell me about it. If it slithers, crawls, eats and poops in the woods, flies west on tuesdays and east on wednesdays, inquiring minds want to know!

"Adventure is something bad, happening to someone else, far far away."

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