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Regarding Siepe


Regarding Siepe

Siepe was created by Magea, the general of her dragons. He was powerful and the most intimidating of all beasts. But during the Dark Age, Nortius appealed to Siepe’s selfish side and told him that dragons were too powerful to be ruled by the dieites, that they should have their own place. Siepe agreed and allied with Nortius for the promise of power. Magea, angered by his betrayal. Cursed him: “May everything you touch be cursed, may you be doomed to walk in the wake of the destruction you cause and be ever tied to it.” And it was so. Siepe now doomed to curse everything he touched, cursed his own beloved a half dragon sorceress named Luvia. She died a horrible and painful death. Terribly bitter, and filled with hate, Siepe used his “gift” to his (and Nortius’) advantage. He began to spread a cursed disease over Psia, either killing them or turning them into zombie like creatures bent on hate. He focused on Magea’s chosen, although did not limit himself to them. In the final hours, as Nortius prepared to unleash the darkness, Nortius turned his back on Siepe and told him that there would be no room for him in the world. In revenge, Siepe cursed Nortius’ lover, Yistara, (Yistara was Magea’s right hand and high priestess, Nortius seduced her and promised to make her queen. In return, Yistara who gave Nortius the secret of anti-magic) Nortius gave the chalice of the stars, the chalice of infinity (which he originally gave to Solaea) to Yistara to keep her from dying. Yistara and Nortius turned Siepe into a jade idol, this idol still retained the ability to curse. They used Siepe’s ability to spread a disease throughout Psia under the direction of one of his most powerful wizard necromancers (Loridin, Natsu’s father). Thousands died, others were turned into zombie-like creatures (evil alignment). Magea and Gaerta worked tirelessly to create an antidote to this disease. In the end, they were able to create an item that could cure the disease but only at detriment to the one healing. Loridin, while spreading the disease throughout Psia, ending up contracting it himself, and was able to stave off the effects using a hodge-podge of magic. After the Great Battle, he went in search of the healing artifact. Hundreds of years later, he found the artifact, and discovered that in order to use it without harm, draconic blood was needed. (Since Siepe, the source of the disease was a dragon.) Loriden took a group of warlords and goons into the mountains surrounding pan and hunted down a great gold dragon. He slayed it, and took his blood, mixing it with his own so that he could wield the artifact and cure himself. Years later, Loridin had a son. In order to keep the artifact safe and where no-one would find it, he hid it in his son.
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