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Unread 16th of August, 2008, 10:58
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Public Personnas

Each player post at least a paragraph of what anyone knows about the character and/or how the character appears. Stats will remain confidential unless the player wants to publish their PC's stats...but if you do, they must be true.
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Unread 17th of August, 2008, 15:30
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Upon first meeting Sam the generally reaction of the crew is something along the lines of "Wait, this is our pilot?". Sam is 6'2" and weighs 180 pounds. He is only 20 years old, and he looks even younger. Sporting blue jeans, a T-shirt, a Shadow Racing League ball cap (which he always wears backwards), and antique Earth-That-Was Oakley sunglasses, Sam gives an enthusiastic expression and a sly smirk while sliding on his black leather driving gloves. He then hops into the pilot seat and says "Strap in!" while cranking up the stereo and preparing to take off.

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Unread 19th of August, 2008, 05:00
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The first thing you would notice about Brother William Mountbatten are his blue-gray eyes. They sparkle with a divine fire, it seems, and are filled with infinite compassion. They're unmistakable, whether you recognize them as belonging to the beloved "Dr. Will" of various clinics on the Border planets or the "Angel of Mercy" who saved many a soldier's life on the front lines during the war.

Otherwise, the surgeon-turned-monk is a tall handsome man in his early 40s. He wears the black trousers and tunic of a "Black Friar" and often carries a leather-bound Bible in one hand and a beat up old doctor's bag in the other (he'll tell you he left his MedAcad bag with his old abbey, because they needed it more). You wouldn't think that he's a MedAcad honors graduate by the looks of him, but he speaks with intelligence and education, 'though an "ain't" occasionally slips its way into his vocabulary (too much time on the border).

Brother Will is immediately friendly, always seeming to smile broadly as he meets a person for the first time. He always seems genuinely interested in the people with whom he interacts.
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Unread 19th of August, 2008, 09:42
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Appearance: Earl Henry is a gentle giant of a man standing just shy of 7' weighing over 300 lbs of pure lean. Mostly black in complexion and feature, a bit of Somoan shines through. On the rare occasion between shavings, bright red hair creeps out of his bald head.

Earl's arms are knotted with "working man's" muscle and his hands are rough--one of iron, the other of steel. Although rarely unclothed, his back is a mess of knotted scars that slither out of his collar on occasion. The simple genial grin Earl wears betrays what would otherwise be an intimidating stature.

*********** Public Knowledge********
((Earl's an open book more or less and since this has all been posted in OOC anyway...))

Work shore is to hard come by for a young man with a learning disability in the Core even one as powerful strong as Earl Henry. There's just not a lot to do in posh life when one has a problem conjurin'.

A big child before a big man, Earl was never good at figurin' and he was teased by his peers in spite of his large size. Now Earl wasn't a violent boy. In fact, he'd nary a hurt a fly - genial a fella as you'd ever meet. But his good nature didn't stop him from getting into trouble as a teen.

He stopped a fight, seriously injuring a bully who'd been beating on a scrawny young boy several years Earl's junior. Even though Earl was well liked for his athletic prowess and his simple way, he was one step away from being incarcerated "for his own protection" as the bully was a son of a wealthy land owner.

Now, Mrs. Henry was a lady if one ever walked and she refused to allow her child to go prison for what amounted to "being special,": She gathered what money she could and bought Earl passage to the Rim with the hope that he'd make a place of himself out in the Black where his other abilities would make up for him "being slow."

A tearful goodbye later, Earl found himself stuffed in a transport stacked like cord word with hopeful settlers on the way to the frontier. No sooner had the boat just touched down on Bernadette than Earl and many of the passengers were rounded up by slavers, led by one Jessep Green, and taken to auction where he was purchased by a buyer working for the Corone Mining Consertium. Trussed up, the lot of them were shipped off to Regina.

A slave with a strong back and weak mind, Earl was used for all manner of dangerous work in the mines. Although forced to labor, he managed pick up some useful skills like how shape metal and place charges. Still, a slave is a draft horse and Earl earned many a shock when bored guards and overseers thought he was "too slow."

The gentle giant always stops talking 'bout hisself at this point and when asked about his freedom tears well up in his earnest puppy dog eyes and he whispers before lumbering away, "I miss my friend."

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Unread 20th of August, 2008, 05:10
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Greta Falsafi is in her early to mid 30's. She stands at 5'8", with a willowy build. She has thick, wavy, naturally bleach blond hair worn long, though it is often braided back these days. She has pale skin, big blue eyes, and has hints of a slightly Asian cast to her facial features. Between looks and mannerisms, she's something of a head-turner.

Falsafi moves with refined grace, and speaks in an educated manner when she isn't thinking about it. She's also ambidextrous, which comes in handy in daily life and for using the pretty pair of pistols she wears.

She's quiet about her past, but she definitely comes off as high society and highly educated, and while there may be rumors and ideas about her previous occupation, she doesn't volunteer the information. She won't lie about it either though, if it comes up.

Greta tends to be a good talker, and is very good at reading people. She's generally outgoing and pleasant, if a bit cool in some ways.
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Unread 20th of August, 2008, 10:38
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Arthur Miller is a man who stands out easily in a crowd, especially out here in the frontier. If someone was looking for him, they'd most likely ask for the man with the Alliance military coat, something of a rarity out here. They'd probably point out his left arm, wrapped to his side underneath the Alliance coat, leaving one sleeve empty and loose.

Besides that, however, he is relatively unremarkable. He looks to be in his mid twenties, with pale skin and dark hair. He's about 5' 9'' and a little frail-looking, and he usually looks like he's missing a lot of sleep.

He's gotten a small reputation for fixing things. His right hand is usually dark with oil stains, and so is the sleeve around it. Unfortunately, his reputation for mechanics is nearly overshadowed by his reputation for being a cynical bastard, as well.

He never lets on where he's from, but the Alliance coat and pale skin give some hints. He is obviously good at what he does, but he's not the type to go boasting about it.
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Unread 22nd of August, 2008, 05:25
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Yusheng is Hiram Price's wife. She is an older Chinese woman in her late 60's. She stands about 5 feet even and weighs 100 lbs. soaking wet. She looks small and frail, but is strong and healthy. She has a nice garden where she grows fresh fruits and vegetables. Her cooking is decent, but nothing special. She is crabby and keeps a close watch over her kitchen and garden area. She is followed around by an 8 lb. Pekingese dog named Nan Ching.
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Unread 10th of February, 2009, 17:15
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Not a particularly tall man, Xavier Ingvar stands 5' 11” in his boots. His is a wiry build, perhaps not overly strong but his step is sure and steady, almost graceful. His short blond hair is mostly concealed by the black oilskin hat he wares. His blue eyes could be described as icy, the expression steely. Between the Collar of his faded, worn, and once light blue duster, the faded red bandanna, and the black oilskin hat, most of his face is obscured. Above the bandanna covering his mouth and nose can be seen an ugly mass of old scar tissue around his left eye and over his forehead. The duster has seen its fair share of sun, wind, and rain. Not to mention mud, brambles, and stains from other fluids that have left the original color in doubt.
As he walks a pistol can occasionally be seen slung low on his right leg through the open duster. Recognizable as a gunslingers rig to those what as know.
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