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Unread 22nd of August, 2008, 10:41
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How the Derbolg Came to Be

Ages ago, when the race of man was new to rdn and still young, there was a great danbroath Jarl by the name of Igvar. Igvar was the son of Herođ, who had made a name for himself by slaying the Manfeg chieftain Grœdon in single combat. One night Igvar awoke from his sleep with a vision given to him by Phaetese himself. Hungry for glory, he gathered his shieldmen and said unto them:

“Tonight we feast, for tomorrow we sail to the end of the world.” His shieldmen were confused, but thinking that he was jesting enjoyed the meat and fine mead set before them, until, at length, they all fell into a stupor. Gathering his sons, Igvar readied his ships and carried his sleeping vassals onboard. Then, whilst they still slumbered he put the island of Reigate behind them and set off across the rolling gray.

When his men awoke they were furious at Igvar for tricking them so. Looking about they saw no land and their courage faltered. So they turned to their Jarl and demanded that he turn around and head back home, for no ship that had sailed into the open gray had ever returned. At length Igvar relented to their mewing and altered course, but unbeknownst to his shieldmen, he had already turned the boats around an hour before they awoke!

They sailed for days on the open sea until at last they sighted the island Grimstad where they took on supplies. One by one they sailed the islands of the Valden, until at last they came to a great island made of ice and fire, and overrun with trolls. With axe and sword Igvar and his men slew ten score of the beasts and drove the rest into the sea. With the trolls gone Igvar gathered his men and ordered them to build him a great hall.

Then Therođ, son to Njal spoke:

“My lord, there is nothing here but fire and ice! How are we to live?”

Igvar was silent. Then with one swing he took his mighty bronze axe Blđugrvindr and split Therođ, son to Njal, in two.

Turning to his shieldmen, he held forth his bloody axe and spake:

“We will eat fire, and till ice. And when the fat Suthrons of Cylenis see us they shall weep for this will be my plow, and their blood shall be our seed.”

It is said that in that year alone Igvar and his men pillaged some two score villages, earning him the name Igvar the Black.
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Unread 1st of August, 2009, 01:55
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I love this story.
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