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Unread 5th of January, 2009, 17:01
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Jesus. Other people. There are probably other people down here, too. Hardball hadn’t thought of that.

No. That wasn’t the play that P had called. They’re here for twenty-three students who are, hopefully, all here right now. Hardball’s gut tightens into a thick knot as he thinks about possibly leaving other unaccounted victims in the Widow’s lair. Everyone seems to look to him, wide-eyed and hopeful, huddling close to the metahumans here to save them. But Hardball knows the truth. You can’t always save everyone.

Mexico had taught him that.

“We have a way out.” He makes it a statement.

“Paul,” he searches the crowd for the speedster. “Tell me you still have that magic gem to get us out of here. While you’re at it, give us a head count. I don’t want to leave anyone behind. But first… you.” He points to one of the young men standing near Nightwind.

“Me?” His voice cracks slightly as he answers.”

“What’s your name?”


“Awesome. Hamilton, be a guy and give your shirt to the nice lady with no clothes on standing next to me.”

Hamilton takes off his shirt, handing it to Starfire. “Here.”
Unread 6th of January, 2009, 07:35
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Jack is in a daze, torn from his own personal heaven / hell and dropped suddenly . . . here. A mass of zombies, faces unknown yet some vaguely familiar. Déjà vu.

A dream, too vivid.

He rubs the back of his hand across the rough stubble on his chin, recalling. The images slash through his head, one after another - faces, places, pleasure and pain. Prague.

A thin man, wreathed in slate blue smoke.

A cruel woman with a body that screamed desire.

The dark twisting tunnel of inebriation.

He looks around at blank, blasted faces, human sized cocoons, the stone walls of some underground arena. When the naked goddess (Gabriella) leads him away by the elbow, it seems just weird enough to be right. Of course he follows, who wouldn't?

But this guy (Hardball) - he was dead, wasn't he? The vortex again, swirling him back to that awful moment, the demons, the door, the horrible power within himself.

Polnoch, the prison.

He looks around at the faces again, this time with the realization of all that had happened in between. The widow, a master of illusion. All of them caught in the web. Is this even real?

"Why are we still alive?"
Unread 8th of January, 2009, 13:04
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vLight. After an eternity of darkness and solitude, futile raging, sobbing and blindly pleading with the silence. There is light.

And he is not alone not like that. 27 other sets of panicked lungs slowing. This is not the void.
Paul blanches.

There is a void. Wait. 27 is one short.

Visual check. Yes. 26 and one naked woman and there he is. The chrome titan says his name.

He is no longer alone. He nods to Hardball, "We're all here."

“EVERYBODYHOLDHANDS!” he shouts in a syllable.

Some eyes turn ponderously toward him. He shakes his head and zips into action moving people together. Dashing about the bowl shaped room with the remains of webbing fluttering in his wake, he places hand in hand with neighbor. At the touch his confidence grows and a warmth spreads into the hollow left by the void.

A gentle touch to everyone except the Shadow.


He waits excruciatingly double-checking their connection.

He holds out the long purple crystal and utters “Neemonshuis” in the lilt Polnoch used.

Violet energy pours out of the crystal enveloping them all.

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