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Unread 30th of July, 2009, 02:33
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The day of the attack. Earlier that day.

It was two weeks since the BSG 81 pulled this duty and things were quiet so far. The CIC was bustling with activity, as was the Hanger deck. The Pilot rec room, gym, and galley were all crowded with the typical mix of off-duty crewman trying to relax. Just another day aboard a battlestar.
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Unread 30th of July, 2009, 17:35
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It was just a normal morning on board the Themistocles and everyones' normal routines were moving along as usual. The same could be said for Colonel Stevens, who was technically supposed to have been in the CIC 15 minutes ago to report in for the morning. It wasn't that he had slept in late or was being neglectful of his duties, in fact he finished breakfast and left the mess hall to head towards the CIC a full half-hour ago. He took around about way to the CIC though, as he did every morning, to check out what was going on in other parts of the ship and, as always, chat with the crew. It was a routine that Colonel Stevens had been doing since he had been promoted to XO because not only did it help him put names to faces, but he felt it was also good for morale and helped him take the temperature of the ship and her crew. He finally strolled into CIC and, as was routine, he gave Commander Thomas a smile and a nod, "Good morning Commander."

Arriving to the mess hall about the time Colonel Stevens was leaving it was Lieutenant Jackson. In fact, he was one of the first people to talk to Stevens as the Colonel began his routine, passing him in the hallway just out side the mess hall, though the conversation was little more than pleasantries. Kevin had just finished he morning workout and shower, part of his daily routine, and was now looking forward to a hearty breakfast. The mess hall crowd was beginning to thin out and Jackson chose a table with a pair of knuckledraggers at it, preferring it to the table with the nuggets. He exchanged pleasantries and engaged in a bit of basic mechanic talk, mainly regarding Raptors (almost an obligation when around the guys). Other than that he ate in silence. By the time he was done the knuckledraggers had left and it was time for him to head out as well. Looking down at his watch he noticed that he had 10 minutes before he was supposed to meet up with Dumphry to do a full check of their bird, as they did every day. He jogged down to the hangar deck. He was on time but Dumphry was already there waiting on him, sitting on the wing as always. Jackson greeted Dumphry with a, "Hey Dim, ready to check her out?" Dumphry gave him a nod and the two go to it.
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Unread 2nd of August, 2009, 22:20
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After ignoring the alarm a couple of times, Lieutenant McCloud had risen from her bunk and gone to the rec room working out with some weights and cardo. She then hit the showers quickly before putting on her clothes and flight suit. She looked at the picture of her father and mother that she kept taped to the inside of her locker door. Shutting the door and then hustling down to the mess hall to grab a quick bite to eat. She saw Colonel Stevens talking with Lieutenant Jackson as he moved away from the mess hall towards the bridge. She just missed the new XO and was glad she wasn't going to get a lecture about staying up gambling with the nuggets and taking all their money. She then smiled at Lieutenant Jackson as she got a tray of grub and sat by herself, but nearby a table of other Viper pilots. She eat it as she listened to the other Viper pilots talk about their recent patrols. She glanced at her chronometer and noticed her patrol was coming up so she put up her empty tray and headed down to the flight deck, looking over her Viper before takeoff.
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