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Unread 31st of March, 2008, 04:44
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Hunters (Character Thread)

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Name: Alice
Age: 28
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height/weight: Average


Ally is woman of a medium athletic build with dirty blonde hair just past the shoulder, bright green eyes, and a light olive complexion. While on duty, she can be seen in typical hospital scrubs, in white and green, with her hair pinned back into a braid or pony tail- pens stashed handily in one pocket, and her hospital photo ID pinned securely onto the other. Off duty, she likes letting her hair down. Around the apartment she will generally throw on some jeans or track pants, but enjoys dressing up for girls night out with her friends at the local pub.


Alice is a Nurse in her late 20s, working at Haulim General Hospital. Fresh out of nursing school, she first started in the rehabilitation unit, where she met and began a serious relationship with one of the physical therapists, Nathan, to whom she was once engaged. It didn't work out, and was a difficult breakup, being forced to work so closely together. Soon after, she sought a new position, in which she would not have to see him so frequently on the job. She's now currently working in the hospital's Palliative Care ward, where she provides care for terminal patients. Her work is emotionally demanding and draining, but she is driven by a strong calling to help people. Many of her patients would come in directly from the ER or out of ICU, and Palliative Care would be their final stop. Fortunately most would not be there for long.

She often spends her lunch breaks across the street at a small city park, with a group of fellow nurses, including her two long time friends Michelle and Debbie. Before her shift, she can often be found jogging here, or reading out on one the benches. She enjoys the fresh air, and catching a break from the more oppressive atmosphere of the hospital. She particularly enjoys watching the ravens that visit the park. In fact she's always had an avid interest in wild birds, and a love for nature. When she was a girl she participated in scouts, and often went camping and tagged along on fishing trips out of town with her father and brother. Growing up she thought she might even go into ecology or become a vet, but her mother urged her to go into nursing instead. It's more practical she'd say. “With the economy heading where it is in this city, you will always be needed as a nurse, you will always find a job and will always have a paycheck. Become a nurse.”

Recently, she has started working some late shifts to take advantage of the salary differential to help pay for her new car, a blue Volkswagen Jetta. She has a comfortable sized apartment down town, which is home to her pet African Grey parrot, Theodore. Lately she has been thinking of taking a job across town for live-in care for as it promises good pay, but she is conflicted about taking it and moving in with a stranger. However, with the stress of her current position, and staffing problems, she is considering making a change once again. She's currently single, but has recently started seeing someone casually. He's a part time bartender and [place holder part time job], named Charlie. They met at the local club where he works. Alice frequents the club with Michelle and Deb on Saturday nights, to dance and have a few drinks. Time will tell if it could be more. Charlie is a few years younger, and so far he is a lot of fun. He likes to let loose and not take life too seriously, though sometimes she worries he likes to party a little too much.

Her parents are currently living together in the city. She has one older brother, Jeremy, a couple of years older. They are fairly close and have a good relationship. He’s a police officer, at the local precinct. With the rising crime in Haulim, he had encouraged her to purchase a gun for home protection, and shown her how to use it. But in truth, she was rather intimidated by the weapon, choosing to keep stashed away in her lower dresser drawer out of sight. Her father works at the power plant, and her mother an instructor at Haulim High, where she teaches economics and political science.


Alice is sweet and good natured. While she has a healthy suspicion of people she doesn't yet know, she likes to believe she's a good judge of character, and that people are generally good when given the chance. She is very caring and compassionate, though the long hours and stress from her job are beginning to take a toll. She got into nursing to help people, but with the dying, sometimes it all seems so futile. They would never recover. Never go for another walk outside, or experience another night out on the town—things she took for granted. Some of the patients were marginally aware of their surroundings, while others in comas. And for those whom she could converse, she often wondered what to say, and if she’s truly making a difference.

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Unread 31st of March, 2008, 05:31
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Name: Alice
Concept: Nurse
Creed: Redeemer
Will: 4
Conviction: ---
Alias: Runner11


Str: 2
Dex: 2
Sta: 2

Perception: 4
Int: 4
Wits: 3

Appearance: 2
Manipulation: 3
Charisma: 2


Athletics: 1
Awareness: 2
Empathy: 2
Intuition: 2

Animal Ken: 2
Drive: 2
Survival: 2
Technology: 1

Academics: 2
Bureaucracy: 2
Computer: 2
Medicine: 3
Politics: 1
Science: 1


Allies 2
Bystanders 2
Contacts 2
Patron 1
Resources 2

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Mercy: **
Zeal: *



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