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Unread 30th of December, 2007, 15:17
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This was serious business, business Hannah decided she needed to investigate a little further. Maybe she'd get lucky and get to ask one of these miscretins for some information. That was assuming this posse she kept hearing about hadn't wrangled everyone up already. The more she thought about it, though, the more she wondered if this maverick crusade of hers wouldn't be better pursued with more allies than that pistol Jake's men were babysitting for her.

"I think I ought to see what's up in the hills, then," she said. "Would you mind too terribly much if I watered myself and my horse before I got out of your hair?"

It was shortly there after, as she was collecting her effects--not to mention her sidearm--that Hannah double checked her directions to these hills with anybody that was still available. With a friendly wave to the children, she departed on horseback.
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Unread 31st of December, 2007, 01:21
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Big Jake smiled and nodded, "Those hills are mighty dangerous, you best watch yourself very closely. That Wild Bunch would make good use of you if you take my meaning. If you like you could have some grub too Miss Clarke."

ooc: The hills are 2 days from the ranch and the party is over 2 days into the hills.. so 4 days to find them.
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