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Unread 15th of March, 2004, 23:22
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Character descriptions

If you could all please post your character's description as it stands at the moment in this thread, that'd be most appreciated, thanks.
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Unread 16th of March, 2004, 01:46
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Gideon is tall and thick, like an oak tree. He wears a full beard and shaggy black hair, which hides his ears. His leathers are well-worn, yet still provide ample protection. A shortbow is slung across his back and a bandolier across his chest holds two daggers. Strapped to his waist is a longsword on his left hip and a quiver of arrows on his right.
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Unread 16th of March, 2004, 02:07
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Runga "Red" Silverplain

Red is a stout little gnome, although his flesh-tone betrays his origins of the frozen plains to the north, being a good deal more pale than a typical member of the short folk. When he's out and about, the wizard keeps his head hooded, although indoors he shows his perfectly bald head to the world. His eyesbrows and short beard are usually a very light grey, although he has been known to dye his facial hair on occasion.

His eyes are kind, despite their penetrating hue of glacier-blueness and his cheeks are rosy (as befits a jolly gnome). His shirt is a deep blue and his trousers are darker still. On his hands he wears a single ring, which has been in his family since long before he can remember, as such it is rather battered, but he loves it none the less. When out and about, he wears his dark-grey hooded cloak and occasionally a pair of thin leather gloves

Strapped across his chest and hanging in front of him at the hip is his bag. When needs be his crossbow is strapped to his back and his bolts either sit in his bag or at the opposite hip.
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Unread 16th of March, 2004, 02:52
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Where Gideon is broad and Red is short, Cadrius runs in-between. He's taller than average and is slim in stature. He isn't particularly muscular, preferring to rely on his reflexes and good looks to get him out of a jam. Dark hair, glittering brown eyes, and a Van Dyke, mark his face. He isn't particularly well-armed or armored, carrying a long thin blade, a dagger, and a sap while a shortbow is unstrung and tied to his backpack. He wears a simple assortment of leathers. Indeed, the vast majority of his equipment looks to be mediocre, the exception being a fine, jet cloak that sits about his shoulders. Cadrius tends to wear a smile more than a frown, but events as of late have dimmed his typically jovial nature.
Unread 16th of March, 2004, 14:48
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Kelemyn Summertree

Kelemyn is a slender young elf woman; pale and delicate of figure, with an other-worldy, ethereal beauty. She wears a flowing tunic and skirt of moonlight-white, trimmed in pale blue and gold. Her long dark hair falls freely over her shoulders and down her back, framing her moss-green eyes and high cheekbones. Around her neck hangs a pendant on a golden chain: it is a wooden carving of the full moon.

When she is walking about in the city, she wears over all a glittering mail shirt and a cloak of deepest blue. She is armed with an elvish longbow and longsword, although it is true that she has seldom had need to use either weapon.

Kelemyn's voice is rich and musical, like most elves. Occasionally, she can be found standing still and staring, with a far-away look in her fathomless, emerald eyes, as though she were listening to music that only she can hear. She is more finely attuned to the spirit world than most folk, and is often distracted by echoes that cross over from the shadow world to our own.

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