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Unread 9th of October, 2005, 01:46
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Through the Victor's Arch

Conjurer's Chess
Sponsor: Andorax
Tournament Level: 12
Number of Competitors: 6
Winner: Envaket Petrarch, Cleric of Tritherion 7/Thamurtagist 5
Winner's Player: Black Plauge

Conjurer's Chess II
Sponsor: Andorax
Tournament Level: 8
Number of Competitors: 11
Winner: Lelki, Shaper 8
Winner's Player: Black Plauge

Gladiator Tournament
Sponsor: Black Plauge
Tournament Level: 9
Number of Competitors: 28
Winner: Lily Moonsong, Swashbuckler 3/Fighter 2/Wizard (Evoker) 1/Bladesinger 3
Winner's Player: Lord Twig

Duel Arcana
Sponsor: Lord Twig
Tournament Level: 9
Number of Competitors: 9
Winner: Darek Emberstaff, Wizard 9
Winner's Player: Darius

Gladiator Tournament II
Sponsor: Black Plauge
Tournament Level: 17
Number of Competitors: 15
Winner: Spikey, Monk 11/Psionic Fist 5/Reaping Mauler 1
Winner's Player: Tashalar

Psionic Torunament
Sponsor: Boomalor
Tournament Level: 12
Number of Competitors: 6
Winner: In Progress
Winner's Player: In Progress
Physics is like sex. Sometimes it yields practical results, but that's not why we do it.
-Richard Feynman

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