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Unread 17th of November, 2007, 04:32
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Coravel is seething. All day. The next morning he proclaims that he has sent a complaint to the Duke and that they'd all be disqualified for cheating. Curiously though, he is seen leaving the compound that very evening...

Another elf vanishes into the city...


Spikey on the other hand visits every match. After greeting his cheering fans, he concentrates entirely on the fights but keeps seperate from the other gladiators as usual in-between the fights.
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Unread 17th of November, 2007, 07:14
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After an unprecedented amount of healing Yarden stalks back into the stables. He stops just inside, grabs a bucket of water and dumps it over his head, washing most of the blood off his armor.

"Well, I guess congratulations are in order," Yarden turns to Rakesh. "So, congratulations." He doesn't sound very sincere.
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Unread 17th of November, 2007, 16:16

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Rakesh smiles at the stone hard warrior. His bout earned Rakesh's respect if not a victory. "Well, you've got the right name, Rock. No one has ever withstood an onslaught of mine like that. And you pack a pretty good wallop for hardly ever moving. Yep, Rock is definitely the right name."
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