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Unread 8th of April, 2010, 09:07
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Tobar Neu’er

Tobar Neu’er
Night Caste Solar
“The Unconquered Sun’s Unseen Hand”
An merchant, assassin, treasure hunter, and body guard.

Born in *******, Tobar was the child of somewhat wealthy merchants. Although he knew of his trade, he was a bit rebellious and fell in with more nefarious individuals. Often his parents were paying fines to get him out of jail, damages for his brawls, or just out of trouble. That is why they started sending him out on long trading ventures. As chance would have it the Calibration Gate was near one of the Neu’er trade routes while Tobar was taking a round along them. His curiosity got the better of him and he headed towards it and walked through the Gate to find himself in Yu’Shan for the Calibration Festival.
While this would have been a wonder for any normal mortal it was a fascinating thing for Tobar as he realized there was an entire world unseen by mortals. This made him and his concerns seem so petty, so small, all but insignificant. That was when he met Ayesha Ura and everything changed. As stories go, it was a rather plain seduction, but one that Ayesha enjoyed for the entire Festival.
At least that is what everybody else thought. What Ayesha was really doing was locking away a storehouse of various knowledge and skills in Tobar’s head to be used later for her purposes. Should Ayesha find herself in Jade in the near future, having a friendly local with some cash nearby might be helpful. Between spells she did take her joy with Tobar, not that he really ever remembered her face.

Now there is only one real problem, the Calibration Gate doesn’t stay in one location and it has dropped Tobar off in……

(Picture, check attachment)
Anima: Swirling flecks of shadow and light chasing each other in a maddening current of ever changing chaos.

Str 2
Dex 5
Sta 2
Cha 2
Man 4
App 5
Per 3
Int 2
Wits 2

Martial Arts 5 (2fb)
Integrity 1
Presence 2
Resistance 1
Survival 1
Lore 2
Athletics 2
Awareness 2
Dodge 2
Larceny 3
Stealth 3
Bureaucracy 2
Linguistics 2 (Forest, River, Old Realm)
Ride 1
Socialize 2

Resources 3
Influence: ***** 1
Backing: Merchant Family 3

Compassion 2
Temperance 2
Conviction 5 (6fb) (Heart of Flint)
Valor 3

Willpower 8
Essence 3 (7fb)
Personal: 17
Peripheral: 41

Lock Opening Touch
Easily Overlooked Presence Method
Invisible Statue Spirit
Frugal Merchant Method
Mastery of Small Manners
Ox-Body (1, -1; 2, -2)
Body Mending Meditation
Secrets of Future Strife (VBoS)
Blade of the Battle Maiden (VBoS)
Joy in Adversity Stance (VBoS)

A pair of Excellent Hooked Swords
One Perfect Short Sword
Black Suit of Clothing with hood and mask.
Bag of Chalk
Bag of Marbles
Bag of Glass Beads: Small
Several Smoke Bombs
Climbing Hand Hooks
Rope, Silk, 30'

Experience: 7
Spent: 7
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg Tobar with Anima.JPG (32.7 KB, 8 views)

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Unread 13th of April, 2010, 10:06
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yes, I know my copy paste in PAINT is pathetic, but I try!

Stats for Weapons:
Perfect Short Sword - Heart Finder
Spd 4, Acc+3, Dmg +5L, Def+2, Rate 2

Exceptional Hooked Sword - Yin&Yang
Spd 5, Acc+1, Dmg +4L, Def +4, Rate 3; +2 to Disarm Rolls; Always used Paired

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Unread 6th of May, 2010, 04:10
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What is the VboS tag?
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Unread 6th of May, 2010, 04:29
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'Violet Bier of Sorrows'

This is a Martial Arts Style that most would not be familiar with. I tagged if for the benefit of the ST, to know that such charms are not in the main book, as we discussed in IM.
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Unread 6th of May, 2010, 05:41
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Not anything personal.
But God I hate Sidereals.
Everything they touch is I win.
Like the first charms in the tree is the usual essence -10 martial arts 0 stuff and better then final charms in other martial arts trees.

Makes me wonder though, your character might have been better off being eclipse.
They kinda make the best martial artist (complete charm mastery), and you have a strong social theme going.
They also relate better to the whole yu-shan interaction thing, since they can go anywhere they please there like a Sid since they belong there.
Diplomat and everything.
Its not a big deal and all, I mean there is no reason why you cant play a night and be completely happy.
You mentioned it yourself earlier, you seemed hesitant about you being okay with going eclipse in case I wouldnt want to.
So Im happy playing eclipse btw. so kind of a pointless post.
Hope you enjoyed my pointlessness. Lack of pointyness. Dullness. Bluntness.
cooc coo.
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Unread 6th of May, 2010, 06:52
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Actually, I believe that the ST let my backstory stand due specifically to the Night Caste not being able to take the "Form" to its Sidereal maximum AND the fact that it gave a good reason for my character and the only other character posted at the time to have a reason to 'group up' and form a circle.

Second, the tree is cool, but it doesn't give access to universe Agg damage like Snake, cheap extra damage and soak like Tiger, armor like half of the rest, invisibility, spacial senses, almost of anything that Shadow Form does, etc etc etc! VBoS is a great all round hack/slash kind of MA, but it is not specialized like so many of the other ones are. Personally I like Shadow and Air Forms better, but I have used them multiple times before and wanted something totally different and to have big time connections to world spanning plots and politics.

Good Plot Hooks make ST's happy.
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Unread 6th of May, 2010, 07:34
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I just find it weird how gimpy solars are at MA in the light of being Exalt number 1, not saying a word about melee though.
Not trying to start massive martial arts debate if you know what I mean.
But even abyssals get get as many attacks as essence or martial arts score, don't remember which.(blood chains which happily work with armor/melee you name it).
The low cost awesomeness is just mind boggling.
Keep in mind though, running at double MA score and motes back on successful defense is insane passive defense when it comes to sidereals.
Not to mention multiple form weapons.
Of course the scroll of the monk is my main focus, even considering it is mostly essence 5+ stuff most charms show no way to defend or if they do its ridiculous.
Like roll integrity plus wits vs willpower essence and MA together.

I should just say I hate sids

I think playing a Night with some violet bier is np though.
I feel that it keeps you close to the rest of the monstrous MA out there and ofc melee based combat.

Is Captain going to make you pay more for the charms?
I hope not too much, solar melee is kinda sick and much is given up already going into MA.
I should ask him myself I guess, since Im wondering how he deals with mirror charms, like every celestial MA style starts with a combat opener (initiative) or dodge at outrageous prices, some mirror some low tree athletics charm but its usually the dodge and initiative.
Really curious as to how far he bends rules, cause Id like to ignore the separation between fire wands and bow specific charms as much as possible.
You dont make separate axe and sword melee style either, and its really not like you cant use bows in melee range .
Don't see why one should pay 10-8 exp for added flavor or mirror charms.

Do you know how to deal with the ammo/damage increaser charms in archery?
I asume it doesn't take a reload action for fire based weapons when you shape essence?
Problem is it doesn't say a thing about it, just that it removes the need for physical ammo.
Archery confuses the hell out of me cause it separates fire and bow weapons but also acts totally obscure...
Like the charm giving you unlimited ammo for a scene applying to both types, but the 1 mote per shot one being completely vague about fire viability.

Cant wait to start the game, my character is approved as it is now btw.

Edited one part cause I answered my own question

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