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Unread 8th of August, 2003, 23:42
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Lands: Character Expendables

Please post your characters expendables here, including uses of special abilities like spells, monk abilities and other such things. For hit points please put your maxium and current hit points. Also feel free to put items here such as wands, potions, scrolls and so forth (usually items which have a usage limit).
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Unread 11th of August, 2003, 06:16
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Katori Koden

Hit Points
Total: 24
Current: 24 [20]

Spells Per Day (current)

0th - 6 (6)
1st - 7 (6)
2nd - 3 (1)


Potion of Love
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2
Trail rations x6
waterskin x2
torches x2

Edit: Had to change the colors to make it all pretty like Gral's.
Italic is HP remaining from unarmed or sub. attacks.

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Unread 12th of August, 2003, 00:19
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Tsune Kataji

Hit Points
Total: 30
Current: 26

Candles: 3
Sunrods: 3
Torch: 1
Trail Rations: 5
Waterskin: 1
Caltrops: 1 set

Shuriken: 15

Stunning Attack: 2 (0 remaining; DC15)

Platinum: 0
Gold: 5
Silver: 2
Copper: 4

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