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Special Notes about Rivalry Campaign

Rivalry is not a typical D&D game. Please take note of the following:

1, PC are not in the same party. In fact, think of the game as a collection of multiple solo campaigns that progress in the same world (Faerun), and at the same time. They might interact with one another if they are at the same place at the sametime, but for the most part, unless you actively seek party members (and even then maybe NPCs are your best bet), you will be by youself. A somewhat suitable analogy would be online MMORPGs: you play your own character, adventure in the game world at a real time frame with all the others, but do not necessary interact with all players in the world. While party is indeed possible as proven in the past (when two or more PCs meet and have a common goal for the time being), conflicts can also occur (So far, 75% of all PC death are caused by other PCs, directly or indirectly).

2, PCs represent powerful and influential beings in the world, with their own goal and abilities to do so. What this means is that there will be no tailoring. Things will exist, act, and react according to their alignments, nature, and abilities. What this means is twofold: one, if you encounter oppositions or challenges that are just push overs by the book or according to the campaign setting, it'll remain as push overs and not have their difficulty bumped up just for you; two, if you encounter, or are in a situation against, impossible odds, well, tough luck.IE if you go to a cave with savage Orcs with a level 4 Chieftain, you will not suddenly find CR 15 challenges there because you are level 15; or if you constantly piss of, say, the Red Wizards and they deem you dangerous and important enough, some CR 26 Zulkir might be after you, and said Zulkir will not be downgraded to CR 15 just because you are level 15.

3, PCs have complete freedom in what they want to do. There is a central storyline and events around the world will revolve around that, and while it's recommended that your character have something to do, or would like to have something to do, with the storyline, you do so at your own pace, with whatever methods you desire. Me, the DM, will not actively give out quests (unless your character belong to an organization or a religion, then maybe tasks will be given, depending on the organization's stand in the current situation). Instead, PCs do whatever they wish to pursue their own goals, and I reactively resolve them rather then proactively plan for them.

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