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OOC: About Japanese:

-san is standard Mr. or Mrs. and is used for just about everyone... and is kind of impersonal.

-sempai is used for any older classmate, or senior in a rank system. Junior members call their elders/upperclassmen/veteran workers, sempai to show acknowledgement that the person is their senor in ability and experience.

-sensei is used for someone who is a doctor, scientist, or teacher. It doesn't always have to mean one's own teacher, but is often used as an honorific similar to Professor or doctor.

Does that help? Do you think of the dragon lady as a doctor? then sensei. Same goes if you feel she has skills to teach you.

If you think Tom considers her to be like a co-worker, but older.... then maybe sempai, but it would be a little awkward because of the difference in traditions. However, you could call her Obaa-chan... as in grandmother/old lady. It is kind of familial but on a softer, endearing side. Since she is an old woman, it wouldn't be insulting. If you wanted to be more formal, you could say Obaa-san (old lady).

What do you think of Tom's relationship with her?
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