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At Malak's request, I sift through a morass of memories and images. Picking up on the details would normally not trouble me, but having several times the memories to piece together changes the task to a difficult mental exercise.

It is hard to do her justice. Myrinil was a strong, beautiful woman. She had her share of hardships; I won her from a giant named Cloyer. It was rather unexpected -- I was there to secure an artifact, not a marriage.

She was tall for a drow, and very strong willed. She knew it was likely that she would be forced to carry on without me, but she did not bemoan the fact. Her skin was dark, much blacker than yours, my friend. Her hair was silvery-white, and she had deep green eyes. I have never seen another drow with eyes like hers, although I must admit that I do not know many.

My brow furrows in concentration as I strive to recall everything about Myrinil. A strange sensation washes over me, the feeling of being intimately connected with someone that I've never met.
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