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I look between the two men, absolutely bewildered, and really unsure what to say. "Well, ... I wasn't sent on some holy mission. I was busy, caught in a battle between two evil beings, and one of them found my presence to be a nuisance and while I was distracted, banished me from his world.

I fell for a long while, until this world ... reached out and grabbed me. Swallowed, really. I saw a great mouth open, and I fell in, and now I'm here. My arrival here is simply because I was unprepared for the power Lord Godfrey had to expel me before I destroyed him.

My memories are in a straight line. There are times I don't remember much, but that is the haze of memory, not confusion as to what was reality or dreams. I wonder, is it this place that has done this to you? Or the journey here?"

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