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Issue #2: Mr Magic

New York,New York. The City of Heroes. This is the place where heroes are made and villans are unmade. This is where Spider-Man got bitten by a radioactive spider,where Daredevil brings justice to Hell's Kitchen,where Iron Fist and Luke Cage right wrongs. But today,true believers,our attentions do not focus on them, but rather on an exeptional human being: Frederick Stockton, a young man with a keen intellect and an intrest in religion.

All his studies hadn't stimulated him so far, even well into College. Today was just another College day for Frederick Stockton,or was it?

It was the last course of the day, Christian Studies. The teacher was asking various questions about the Bible and its contents.

"Now then, here's a relatively easy one,for those who have been paying attention...can anybody recite me Jobe,chapter 3, verse 14?",said the teacher.
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