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Originally Posted by AoM # *it's Sandra not Sarah.
Are you *sure*?

You're probably sure.

I was going off memory, whilst on my phone. Still, close, right?

Originally Posted by AoM # A suggestion for our Motley's Pledge:

Type: Vow

Tasks: Alliance -2 (Amongst all members of the motley), Endeavor -1 (Protect the Hollow and perform its function as a house for the wayward)
Boons: Blessing +2 (Tied to merits appropriate to running and protecting the Hollow)
Sanctions: Curse -1
Duration: Season +2

We can write the flavor text later, after we agree to the mechanics of the pledge.
That seems fine to me. I'm not very familiar with Pledges, but it seems to work.

We need to pick the two points of blessing, right?
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