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Originally Posted by Vortigern # Rules question.

The armour rules say that armour that has a protection rating of 7 or more causes stealth penalties.

What about armour that is borderline and then increased with quality?

For example, Storm Trooper Carapace Armour has a protection of 6. For a 'Best' quality suit the weight would be halved and the protection increased to 7.

I wouldn't think that it is terribly realistic to say that this suit now causes stealth penalties even though it is lighter? Thoughts?
On the one hand the standard Imperial method of reducing vulnerability to death is welding some more armour plates onto it. On the other hand the armour is being bumped via quality of fabrication rather than that which is why the weight falls (heresy!!). It therefore makes more sense for it to not affect your stealth skills especially if you're taking best quality storm trooper carapace, rather than the average power armour which is around the same availability and would otherwise be a no-brain choice due to the fact that it's power armour.

So no craftsmanship bumps won't give you stealth penalties.

On the topic of ship, the reliquary of mars lunar sound good, just make sure you get some decent guns on it (at least the ability to macro cannon and lance the same fire arc) ten SP for extras is sparse on the ground when it comes to outfitting your ship.
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