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OK the plan is to fill in the required fields on the character sheet in 3 easier to manage posts which will cover your skills, talents, background etc.

The combat stuff such as what armour people are wearing, guns carried with damage dealt, bullets in clip wounds, fate points etc will all be dropped in the status thread so it's easier to be aware of how everyone else is kitted and what kind of state they are in.

The other 2 forums are going to be a WIP for a while as I post up the information you'd have to hand, I'll post in here when I actually put up anything of vague interest. When you guys are settled and have some character sheets up we'll start talking ship designs (possibly in a separate thread, it can get a little complex as it's essentially designing another character between a group of people rather than the usual 1).
For anyone who wants to ponder the mysteries of stellar-naval architecture before then your going to start with 70 ship points and components are available from the main book and from the battle fleet Koronus supplement.
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