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Originally Posted by LightBringer # Romeo shrugs with a slightly confused look, "Nope, not sure what you're referring to." Then he retrieves a portable detector from the van. He walks over to Vash and statrs running the scanner up and down him. It does go off when it runs over his arm.
Lin -

See, 'bot? That's what we mean about touching you. If we don't have a means of masking that, then we need to have means of removing it, at least temporarily... Hmm...

I ponder for less than a moment -

I know it's all Inspector Gadget and everything, but do you think you would work up a... new arm for our man? You know, we can have his "walking around arm" for everyday, then his "covering fire arm" for more formal events.
Our son won't stop doing math, honey!

Not in my house mister!!! You can differentiate all you want with your little hoodlum friends, but in here it's wild guesses and rounding errors!
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