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I've received Private Messages from both Vortigern and Elpresidente, promising me quick efforts to catch up. Since Elpresidente has successfully done so, I'm happy to welcome him back and soldier on where his character and story are concerned.

In the cases of Vortigern and Abidingdude I will be expecting to NPC them both tomorrow when my GameMaster post goes up, but will give both players until Tuesday to get themselves into play. If this has not happened, then I will be removing the character from play.

I'm unwilling to let the game lose momentum even more than it already has due to lack of player response.

Haraphen and Cheveyo: As mentioned previously, I will be looking to get your GameMaster post up from Monday onwards.

Update!: Hey folks. I had asked Haraphen to pass along a message on my behalf, but apparently he forgot to do so.

The internet access at my local library went down, so I was unable to post yesterday. Allegedly it's back up today, however, so I will he headed there shortly to get the posts up.

The deadline for posts from Vortigern and Abidingdude remains in effect (tomorrow at the latest). Elpresidente, as mentioned in my Private Message, I would still like more from you in your post as soon as possible, even if you need to get it up AFTER my own posts.

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