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Dar's brow arches.

Tiber? Well if he's the Tiber I know, and he would be if that's the Lia Meili I know, then I'd say yes I do know him. It's likely his overseer sent him to check the house out, to try and find some relicor some other fool's errand. His House is a bit... power-hungry, if you catch my meaning. I had heard rumors 'fore I left regarding such a mission. Before meeting the four of you I'd have a good mind to avoid this place, but not everyone in Tyr... not everyone is as sensible.

She smiles brightly.
Our son won't stop doing math, honey!

Not in my house mister!!! You can differentiate all you want with your little hoodlum friends, but in here it's wild guesses and rounding errors!
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