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With the light of a torch brought to where the corpse of the beast lay dead the party could see that it was indeed a wolf, but far more muscular, more feral, more aggressive almost unnaturally so. Each wondered where such a monstrosity could come from? And each dreaded that more might be about, straining ears to the wind for the slightest sound of a wolf howl warning of another assault.

Returning to the tower's relative safety the group set about tending to their wounds. In time each sought what little rest they could from what remained of the night, this time setting a watch so as to not be caught unaware again. They rose with the dawn and after a light breakfast set to looking for their lost mounts. Two lay dead from the night before but as luck would have it one remained within the area unharmed from the previous night.

They set off along the road again toward their charge's cottage in the lonely wood. As the sun was reaching its zenith they came upon a river with a bridge built for crossing. Upon the bridge a group of men in leather armor and swords at their waists waited for travelers. As the party approached one of their number called to the party "Ho there, any who so wishes to cross Mark's bridge must pay us a toll of 1 gold each."

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