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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Let me charm the pants off you

Charisma is, in my opinion, the most intangible stat out of the six. Because of this it grants people a wide variety of options when it comes to portraying this. It can involve physical attractiveness, general likability, force of character, etc. You can incorporate any number of things to represent the charisma.

I think your assessment is fair, although I imagine there are instances where charisma could be argued as inner strength. Perhaps not in the way that Wisdom works, but certainly in some capacity.

Edit: BP. I do recall a couple characters that are favoring Charisma, I simply wanted to make clear that people might react accordingly. As charming as the halfling and channeler might be, the dwarf and wildlander might put people a bit off. Hell, the dwarf will do that anyway regardless of how friendly he is.
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