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Just to make sure we are on the same wavelength as far as Charisma goes, my outline of how I view the statistic is below.

It is my understanding that a low Charisma is personal presence and power, not just charm. People with high Charisma have a palpable aura of strength about them, and even if you despise them you still feel compelled to respect them. I think it is completely possible to be abrasive, yet still maintain a high Charisma. Winston Churchill is a good example of this.

Low Charisma characters, meanwhile, are introverted and seem to have little outward strength. They are likely to be ignored and forgotten, while they keep to themselves. Isolationist, taciturn, and unwilling to take a leadership position, such characters should be reactive, not proactive, in their interaction with others.

To me, for the mental statistics, Wisdom is inner strength, while Charisma is outer strength. Would this point of view be accurate and in key with the way you run Charisma in your world?
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