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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Pull, Fighters are a class I've been mulling over since I first picked up Midnight. They are easily the worst off out of all of the classes. The Wildlanders and Defenders can fight almost as well plus they have their own benefits. The fighter can only do one thing: kill. As a result I've been toying with upping their skill points and adding a class skill or two to make them seem more viable. However, one must becareful not to go overboard here. First and foremost, fighters are supposed to fight, giving them a horde of support skills devalues the other classes a bit. Still, expect to see something of a house rule regarding this before we start.

That said I'm loathe to diminish anything about the already difficult to play class. I'm going to say that weapon specialization reflects an incredible degree of training, one that simply isn't possible to learn without dedicating such a large chunk of time to the study of combat. No other class really does that, not to the extent that the fighter does.

Does that seem like a contradiction? What I want to do is keep fighters doing what they do best, but give them an option for survival in populated areas.

On a side note, I've noticed the characters are shaping up to be generally dislikable. That's fine by me as long as you play it properly and accept the consequences.
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