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I feel I should post this up, if only to keep other people informed and to make a list of what's going on.

Erendiox is busy looking for a new apartment and probably won't be done with that till sometime early September. Probably,. Don't quote me on that, it might be sooner, might be later. So, till he finishes that, we'll be on something of a hiatus.

Peanut, Sparda, Couch, and myself are still in the game and seem to be checking it frequently. Some might even say desperately.

Lyn has dropped out of her own accord. Not necessarily personal problems, but RL has pretty much taken up all her time. Since, as most of us know, she has a baby girl a little over a year old, I personally can't blame her.

Xaden is kind of up in the air. He hasn't shown up in a while, and the last message we got from him was saying he was finally set up in his new house. Personally, I'm thinking that his provider or something else along the internet lines has him cut off, but I can't say for sure.

On a slightly happier note, we're gonna get a new player to replace Lyn! Or at least fill in her slot with a new character. Dunno what'll happen if she decides to come back, but we'll deal with that if it comes to it. His name is TagalongDT and a good personal friend of mine.

This concludes this public announcement. Only 63 more hours of Community service to go...
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