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Firstday, Thirdweek Ches to Firstday, Firstweek Tarsakh, DR 1377, Year of the Haunting. (1377/03/15 - 1377/03/21)

A great battle took place in the Farsea Marshes, drawing the attention away from the Dalesland. The forces involved are powerful and many, to everyone's surprise. The primary forces were the Shades and the Shaundakul's Clerics, persumably over the possession of the Study in Stormhorn which contains the ancient spell in question. Joining the Shades were the Orc horde recently formed by the Orc of the North and the Orc of the High Forest, lead by the powerful Orgg warchief. Opposing them an Elven Lord of the Silver March and the Clergy of Lanthander, under the sponsership of Lady Alusteril of Silverymoon, fought along side of the Wind Walker's followers. Among them, an extremely skillful and strange halfling, as well as a Copper Dragon, further encouraged wild rumors.

It was a battle with no winners. Slain corpses threaten to fill the Farsea Marshes, and both sides retreated only at the last minute to preserve their very last few men. The dragon sunk right into the marshes and was never found again. The force of the Elven Lord's army was completely destroyed, as are the Orcish Horde; still there are rumors that the Warchief survived, but none was able to confirm such claim.

The war in the dales quiet down slightly as the Alliance and Zhenterim forces regroup and recover their strengths. To the east, however, things appear to heat up. The Red Wizard's expedition run into some resistences from their age old enemy Alagrond's forces, but they were merely small skirmishes. It was speculated that the Witch Queen simply needed to learn the Thayan's motives in the Wastes.