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Sixthday, Secondweek to Eighthday, Secondweek Alturiak DR 1377, Year of the Haunting. (1377/02/16 - 1377/02/18)

Most Faerunian religions of good nature, or those with close relationships to these religions, now openly announce their stand that they will oppose whoever tries to obtain these objects of power. Forces of clergies or mercenary troops were positions around Cormyr and Dalelands: Mystraian and Azuthian to the west, Lathandarian to the south, Selunian to the east, and Shaundakulist and Chauntian to the north.

At the east side, it's the most fierce battle ground in recent years. Zhentarim, leading the Banites and Cultists of the Dragon, joined by Besheebian, battles the Daleland resistence forces. Several sightins of Drows are reported around Underdark entrances around Daleland, obviously waiting for the right moment to strike both side. At the south in Sembia, the Cyrists recruited the Arcane Brotherhood of Luskan and has infiltrated several important cities with their tricks of trade of illusionary magic. Currently the warfare is not severe, but the hidden battles are much more dangerous than the obvious ones. AT the north and the west, not much has been going on, since it was the forces of the Lord's Alliances, and the forces are moving towards the east to aid the ones in need. However some are still left guarding most routes to the desert, particularly for the City of Shade.

Following the Thayan example, or maybe acting in their own interest, or maybe knowing they have no chance of securing the prize of this competetion of power, most lesser religions, nations, and organizations declares neutrality of noninvolvement regarding this current turn of events.

Rumors regarding the Orc of the North has spread; the spies of the Lord's Alliance in Silverymoon has confirmed the horde has lost its leader and his right-hand man, although the reasons are still unknown. Other than that, a military leader, or a powerful Wizard, of some sort with base of operation located near Silverymoon is currently working closely with the Lathandarians.