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Thirdday, Secondweek Alturiak DR 1377, Year of the Haunting. (1377/02/13, Rivalry Campaign starting point)

The location of Karsus of Netheril's ancient facility has been discovered in Cormyr, within the Stormhorns mountains, however it's buried so deep in the clash of earth and emits such strong protection of ancient magic, not even the mightiest mages can break through. It is rumored that a copy of his final spell, Karsus's Avatar, which caused the downfall of Netheril and has the power to rival even the gods, is contained within his study.

This fact has actually been well known for over a month, however the interest has not been really developed until recently: the reasoning is simple, ever since the downfall of Netheril, the goddess of Magic has forbidden all spell development and casting above the tenth order, and Karsus' Avatar is so potent that it is of the twelfth order. However, another recent discovery spurred on this rush of powerful individuals, spellcasters or not, to Karsus' secret study: the discovery of possible locations of Mythal within Myth Drannor of Cormanthor. Mythals are artifacts forged by Nethrian mages and priests that supply nearly endless powers to power their spells or item craftings, and in theory even a farmer can make use of one to cast the most powerful spells or create even an artifact of lost secrets.