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Despite herself Ellana managed to maintain her composure as Pella warns her about Hwen. What could Hwen have possibly done to Pella? The old woman was nice enough, and certainly didn't look like a thaumaturge. Before she could move closer, Mira leaped at Hwen, meowing pitifully and demanding to be pet, and giving Ellana just enough time to tuck the necklace safety out of sight in her field-hand's outfit.

As she sits down to breakfast, dishing out a small portion for Mira, she fails to stifle a yawn and looks sheepishly up at Hwen, "Yes...well, no. I always hear strange noises when I try to sleep in a new place. Don't worry, I'm more than willing to help out Sakura today. And I'll get used to the noises soon enough." Ellana yawned again and stretched. "Hwen? Is there a library around here? Or an archive or...something? I um...don't want to fall behind in my studies."
That was the best plan we could come up with?

Seduce the wookie?!