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Je' Koth walks down the stairs into the under belly of the station and begins looking around. He looks around and sees cables sparking every where from where they had been broken and now fraying. He walks down across the platform with his light saber in hand he jumps over a cable housing and continues walking. He climbs down a ladder he sees. As he is climbing he sees a sparking cable swinging towards the metal ladder. He begins to slide down the ladder so to avoid being shocked. He is nearly at the bottom when the cable hits and sends a small shock into his body. He falls off the ladder and lands on his back. He stands up and remarks dryly, "Well since I'm still conscious I'm assuming that their is very low power to this station." He sees the cable swinging back towards him. He activates his saber and cuts the cable making too short to cause any damage. He walks to the ladder and shouts, "Xann I think I may have found why we couldn't get the power back for very long!"

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