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Most of Fetish's background story would be palatable per unofficial board standards, but the last line is not. So, I'll post all but the last line. Suffice to say she is not someone to be fucked with.

Fetish took her name and look from a poster in a bombed out hardhold named Theater, the first place she really had any memory of living. By that point she was about 10, and hadn't seen her mother in 5 or 6 years. She'd never met her father. She learned self-protection the hard way, and by the time she'd made it to Theater from wherever it was she was born, it was apparent to the folks at Theater that there was something off about the girl. The hardholder, his nametag said "Bob - Manager," let her stay so long as she helped out doing some of the chores, and so long as she spread her legs once in awhile and kept her mouth shut about that. Sad to say by that point it wasn't anything really new to Fetish. Still, she seemed nice and courteous, kept to herself, and never bothered anyone.

That is, until she packed her things and left a couple years later. Bob - Manager had gone outside Theater a few days earlier looking through some of the rubbish left behind when a roving band of thugs had stopped by. He hadn't come back. Someone must have cared, but even so they didn't search too hard because he was an asshole and prone to wander off on binges now and again. People just waited for him to come back, with Bob - Manager's regular lady, Princess, taking over some of the immediate hardhold concerns as she had countless times in the past.

A week went by, and then Fetish stuffed her knives and a few other belongings into a bag and told Princess she was leaving. Princess had never liked the girl, but to her credit she did try to stop Fetish from foolishly abandoning safety. Fetish just shrugged and stepped through the guarded doorway, nodding to the guards and waving a hand briefly. A few hours later Princess went to clear out Fetish's room and found Bob - Manager. He was nailed to the floor naked. His tongue was missing, and his throat had been slashed, but from the amount and color of the blood, he'd been cut just a few minutes before Fetish had walked out.
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