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z- How about instead of Kriss you go with Stitches? Also- Barbecue won't feed you directly, but he keeps you with enough barter (1 per month) to keep yourself fed. You want to pay your apprentices though, that's on you.QQ

red- given the lack of law and order out in the Wasteland, you are probably better off as a hired gun/enforcer. You can still be a freelance though, no problem. Bounty hunter implies that there are people paying for bounties, and while it might come up now and again its not going to be enough to keep you fed.

Quick note on barter- it's in the form of golden age coins. Most folk drill holes through them and wear them as jewelry . Makes it easy to keep track of, makes it harder to lose, and still stays portable.

Marcus316- just waiting on you.
Ewan: Tell me, when you drove up, did you see a sign outside that said "dead ninja storage?"
Kat: No, I didn't...
Ewan: Do you wanna know why I don't have a sign like that? Because storing dead ninjas, isn't my business!
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