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If Theresa wants to flirt with men, she can do it as a male gnome as far as I'm concerned. If it bugs her so much, she can find a wizard to transmorgify her. Heck, she coulda learned to do it herself had she stayed a sorcerer, but she insisted on being a rogue, so she has to deal.

Once the air-elemental has turned into a man, Rawg loses interest in him, and returns to chasing the glowing lights with his still glowing hand.

The man's eyes widen in shock as he hears about becoming an air elemental and being subdued by this unlikely group of allies and something about cheese, and then his face registers confusion as they begin bickering in some foreign tongue. When the gnome looks at him hungrily, and unbuttons his shirt, he backs away in nervousness, clutching the bark very tightly to his groin.

In an attempt to regain some control of the situation, he decides to get up (holding the bark in place) and speak:

Thank you for subduing me. It seems to be the only way to release me from this wretched curse. Yes, you see, I was once cursed by an evil witch to turn into the air elemental you saw whenever I, er, stare at a woman's body disrespectfully.” The end of his statement is muffled, as he turns his face downward and mumbles. After a few moments though, he raises his face and waves his hand. “While in this form, I lose my mind and become quite violent. The only way to end it seems to be to knock me unconscious, and I thank you for releasing me. I will be quite glad to reward you as soon as I return to my home.

The man looks around the clearing for a few moments, and his expression brightens. “A sign of good fortune at least! While I may have travelled a bit from my home while under the curse of the witch, I recognize this forest, and we are not too far. If you will escort me on my way home, and keep the beasts of the forest at bay, I will see to it that you are shown the extent of my gratitude when we return. For you see, I am Lord Delegazim!” The man finishes this statement with an extravagant bow, and an expectant look on his face. When he sees the blank looks on the faces of the strange 'people' before him, his expression falters a bit, and his cheeks redden, but he rallies quickly. “Ah, I see you are not from this region. You see, I am quite an important and rich noble in this vicinity, so when I say you shall be rewarded, it is no empty promise. You seem eager to obtain, ah, adventuring equipment, was it? I will be happy to supply it, and give you some coin for your further journeys. My home is also quite near the village of Simmina, so anything you cannot obtain from my estate, you can buy from there, at my expense of course."

Finished talking, Delegazim turns to face the group. “So, shall you come with me?"

See guys, I told you I'd arrange to get you your gear. You just need to trust me a bit is all.