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Originally Posted by red_dr4g0n94 # Alright, I'm sorry I gotta say this but this has been bugging me for a while now and I need to get it off my chest, so here we go.

Critique ahead!!

dabocim I love that you're running this game, and I'm really appreciative of you going out of your way to keep us updated on your progress. That being said I'll admit I kind of have a problem with the way you post your updates.

Namely, you don't give us anything to work with in your posts. All of them have, quite frankly, been lacking in information. Your first post didn't really describe the ship we were inhabiting to, at least my, satisfaction. Subsequent posts have been lacking that "we're moving forward in the plot" feel, especially for a PBP. Your last post is also victim to this. Instead of posting WHAT ships are arriving, giving us something react to, you just state that something is arriving imminently.

Now these are valuable GM habits for a FACE TO FACE game, because they give people a chance to react to what's happening around them. However in a Play by Post game, it just bogs everything down with unnecessary reactions and updates. It's be much better if you posted that Ariq detected something dropping out of hyperspace, then told us WHAT was dropping out of hyperspace. That way we could move the plot forward at a more reasonable rate. Ariq still has an opportunity to react to detecting this in his post and go accordingly, and the rest of us have something to actually react to.

Now I'm not trying to be mean or cruel or anything with this; I'm just trying to point out something that I see as a critical flaw in your posting habits in the hopes of it being rectified. If I come across as mean or cruel or angry I'm sorry. If I'm the only one bothered by this, then I will be slightly humiliated but will continue to play because I enjoy playing Ardana in your game.
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