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Game Status and rules

Okay. So I haven't heard back from player #9 for several days, and he's also not responding in another game, so I'm going to go ahead and say that he loses out for now. If he shows up, we'll see where we are.

And, cause I'm just that stupid, I'm gonna run it with 8. Krypton pointed out that superteams are routinely composed of 8 or more people.

So, the caveats to this:

1. Y'all should feel free (as in encouraged) to split the group from time to time. Or a lot.

2. I will be aggressively NPC'ing people. Specifically in combat/panel scenes. If we're in a combat scene, and you've taken more than a couple days, you're getting NPC'ed. To that end, if you have a combat strategy, you might want to add it to your character sheet in a separate post. If you have a default allocation (something like "Always use stones equal to his regen+1, with 2 in defense, and the rest in an attack power" or the like), post that too, and I'll follow it to the best of my ability.

If you get NPC'ed consistently, you may well be dropped (or just written out of the plot for a time).

3. I expect y'all to talk amongst yourselves. I will be involved, but with 8 players, there should be some interactions.

I have all 8 characters. I'm going to review them over the weekend, and you should expect the starting post for the game Monday night. If you have issues, we'll work them out, but the game will probably launch.

I work with a general rule that your characters are malleable until after the first issue. If you get to the end of the first issue, and you don't like your PC, you can adjust. If you hate them, you can toss them out entirely, and replace them. We'll retcon it such that it works.

I would like it if each person would pick a text color for their speech. I find it easier to follow that way. If you can't post in color, no big deal (I post from my phone a lot, so I get it), but if you can, use the same color you usually use. I will try to do the same for each of you.

And as a reminder, the meta rules:

Originally Posted by Me My general rules are pretty simple - be able to post at least every couple days. Be willing to stick it out for a reasonable amount of time. Be willing to work with the other players.

I'd like posts to be in the 150-300 word range in general, barring quick back and forth banter. I'd like people to use capital letters, punctuation and appropriate spelling to the best of their ability. Misspellings or non-native speakers aren't a big deal. People who can't be arsed to go back and correct 15 typos, or capitalize words are asked not to apply (we're all here to read the stories - I'd like the stories to be easy to read).

The general tone of the game will be slightly less 4 color, but still fairly bright. Vigilanties are acceptable, but stone cold killers masquerading as heroes (think The Punisher) will be asked to tone down their homicide a bit.
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