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Grey Line Goes Around The TextI share art class with Meg, though I don't sit next to her I'm usually able to have a few words with her before things get going. Today we got split up into pairs to work, and by some miracle I ended up with her instead of some gross sweaty nerd (sorry Robyn, but you're not not gross and only sometimes sweaty, so it doesn't count) . It was some exercise to teach us about how different people see things differently, or something, one of us were given a picture and told to describe it to the second person, who had to try and draw it based on only the descriptions.

I like Art, but despite Miss Gardener's best efforts, my ability to create art remains stuck at the etch-e-sketch level, so I handed off the drawing task to Meg and started trying to describe a bowl of fruit,. The really good thing about it was that we could chat while we were working.

Meg: I liked their third album better.
Ami: That's because you're part of the unwashed masses. They didn't know what they were doing with their first album. They were still experimental with the second one, but they stumbled upon the generic mainstream with it.
Meg: The second apple is here?
Ami: The top is a tad to the left, yeah like that. Once they realised how much money there was in the mainstream, they gave up pretending to be anything else for the third album.
Meg: They sold out?
Ami: For how much they made, fair enough.
Meg: So you liked them before they were cool, is that it?
Ami: I never said I liked them, just that their first album was better. That part's a bit wider.
Meg: like this?
Ami: Close enough. If you really want to get the most out of their music, you need to be listening to it while high. Their first album that is.
Meg: High, like with drugs?
Ami: No in a hot air balloon. Yes of course with drugs!

I created a band and mentally laid out their history and the development of their music, just so I could segway a conversation over to drugs. I feel there must have been a faster way to do it.
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