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I found the following in a word document file. Apparently I was making notes for something and used the word Lolz? Strange. Presented without spellchecking and with formatting intact.


Drean: Dragon. Gruff, possessive, stubborn. But nice to those he cares about and doing the right thing.
White: High Angel. Selfless, but not very empathic. Big good.
Dark: Dark Angel. Very selfish, lives life to fullest, but won’t be beholden to anyone. Exbf of Drean.
Fae: Hippy, life is a game. Betrays the group (and her commune) to the big bad. For the Lolz.
Demon Business: Corrupt Corporate Executive. Evil in the “sell poison to children” sense.
BadDemon: Is trying to resserect an entombed ancient evil. True demon, promethean, etc.
TrueDemon: Entombed evil, warps reality around it. Way more powerful than anything else.
SteelWingedTech: After trauma, lost all identiy about supernatural self. Able to work on freeing TrueDemon without being affected by reality warping.\
TheGirl: Something new, a reality warper that lost her memories and became a SteelWinged. Drean found her and kept her safe from everyone else who wants her gone or used for their own ends. She is Drean’s dragon treasure. Also point of view character.
Pheonix: Stocktrader and sometimes friend of Fae. Very independent and difficult to kill for real.
Aun: wingless angel, pathetic and sad.

BadDemon is trying to raise TrueDemon in order to serve him and gain great power, etc, etc. He’s located the TrueDemon below a construction part, and worked out how to get him free. First he needs a magical creature that can go near it, which is the SteelWinged(how did he get that way, was it the BadDemon?) and a sample of certain things. Blood of a virgin about to kill herself, feathers of a fallen angel, flame from a phoenix reborn, dew of faeire passion. Gives them to the steelwinged get the demon free while trying to keep the others away and raise an army of mooks to defend the site.

  1. EvilDemon is going around killing people. Kills Rachel short story.
  2. Starts with Drean and Girl walking along, talking about the setting and the bad film they just saw. Drean is being over protective. Meet Aun and Drean pities him. Establish weird relationship with girl.
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