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This is bad prose, and it won't go in the finished product. But I enjoyed writing it, it makes me happy, it's my life, and I can live it how I want. Stop judging me!
Context Free Fiction
Robyn: Ami, you really need to go make out with Elicia.
Amicula: That was unexpected.
Robyn: Too much? Braid each other's hair, hold hands, giggle and engage in other frivolities? Go ask her out already.
Amicula: I don't giggle.
Robyn: You don't smile or enjoy life either. That's the point in asking her out.
Amicula: It's not that simple.
Robyn: Why not? You like her, she likes you.
Amicula: Shouldn't you be out doing all that with Steven instead of bothering me?
Robyn: Nice deflection.
Amicula: Thanks.
Robyn: Steven and I aren't dating.
Amicula: Why not? The idiot likes you, you went to the dance together.
Robyn: I'm not really into him.
Amicula: Then why the dance?
Robyn: You may not have noticed, but I don't have a lot of boys interested in me. It was nice having one, but I had to cut it off before he got the wrong idea.
Amicula: Right, so you're just a heartbreaking tease. Good to know.
Robyn: We've already established that I won't leave you alone just because you're being a bitch.
Amicula: Why not.
Robyn: Because you're my friend and I care. Ami, you're a moody enough girl at the best of times, but ever since the 'incident' you're been moping around here like the world has ended. What's stopping you from just talking to her and being happy?
Amicula: Jordan.
Robyn: We're being haunted by ghosts now?

I levelled a glare at her and she blushed, squirming under my gaze as she tried to defend herself.

Robyn: You tell off jokes all the time.
Amicula: That was over the line.
Robyn: Sorry.
Amicula: Don't do it again.
Robyn: I really am sorry, I didn't mean-
Amicula: Just … look just forgot it.
Robyn: I'm just worried.
Amicula: I know.
Robyn: So why is Jordan stopping you?
Amicula: It feels like a betrayal.
Robyn: Being with another girl?
Amicula: Being happy.

She didn't reply at first, letter her breath out sharply and taking some times to rub her eyes.

Robyn: That's stupid. It's stupid and you should know it's stupid.
Amicula: I do.
Robyn: You don't think you're best friend would have wanted you to be happy?
Amicula: I know! You think that thought hasn't occurred to me?
Robyn: If you're aware, then we're back at why?
Amicula: Because it doesn't change the fact that she's fucking dead! Maybe she would have wanted me to move on, maybe not, but in either case it doesn't matter because she's dead. She's dead, it's my fault and what right do I have to go out and move on with my life instead of mourning her?
Robyn: It doesn't have to be one or the other. Will you ever forget her?
Amicula: J ordan? Never.
Robyn: Do you think about her often?
Amicula: Every day.
Robyn: Then it's simple, you can move on with your life while still respecting her memory.
Amicula: Maybe. I don't know, it still doesn't feel right.
Robyn: And that feeling has nothing to do with you afraid of hurting someone else? Or being hurt.
Amicula: That's enough.
Robyn: And ask yourself this. Would she have wanted you to use her memory as an excuse to make yourself miserable?
Amicula: I don't know.
Robyn: Yes, you do.
Amicula: Alright nerd girl. That's enough of that, unless you want to chat about why you dumped Steve.
Robyn: Oh that's no mystery. He was taking too much time away from my secret love, moody goth girls.
Amicula: Well good luck with finding one of those, I hear they're pretty rare.
Robyn: You know, if you don't make a move, it's possible that Elicia will get sick of waiting and just go after you. Again.
Amicula: Wouldn't that be terrible.
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