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You thank whatever god watches over metahumans that your body can adapt to any circumstances, even massive trauma. You feel something you didn’t even know you had crack back into place as your muscles tense of their own accord, holding bruised and seared organs in.

“Bwah hargh mwah ha ha! ‘Little girl’, huh? Yeah, well, at least I didn’t have to wear an apron for my last job application, Tracy... blargh har har ha... whuh?”

Totally suckered.

While Maim gargles his boneheaded insults, you lunge at him. With his head thrown back, he never sees it comming, and your powerful arms lock around his elbow and waist, crushing his arms into immobility with all your strength. You almost smash the air out of Maim’s lungs with the impact, and he stumbles back. It rapidly becomes a test of raw muscle as the two of you strain and grunt with superhuman power, and you think you’re winning... until you realise that Maim isn’t fighting back. You glance up, and briefly lock eyes -

Then Maim beats your face into submission. Using his face as a weapon.

It’s a textbook Liverpool Kiss. The soft tissues of your head just tear from the force of the blow. Your brain splashes around inside your skull, and your body piledrives into the ground, collapsing on itself like a car wreck (heh). You make another crater in the concrete.

You fumble with the bloody ruin of your face, trying to find your teeth, your cheeks, your nose, your eyes int he torn and pulp flesh. Still stunned by the blow, Maim has no difficulty picking you up again, this time by the hair. He dangle you like a big, ugly fish for a second, then hammers his forehead into the middle of your face again.

This time, it doesn’t do so much damage. There’s just not a lot left of your face for it to harm. It does, however, send you sprawling into the trench that runs through the room, and you crash front-down onto the rails. Luckily, the power isn’t on, though you can feel a loose, rusty spike form the rails sticking out of your kidney.

Above you, Maim chuckles again.

OOC: Wreck recovers one hit, and successfully grapples. Then, Maim scores a critical... owie. Wreck is stunned, and takes another lethal hit. Maim’s attempt to take advantage of that stunned round fails, however.