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The mass of rags rustles a little. “Maybe. But tell me, Bolt... is any man who claims he is a hero truly that? Look at...” he stops and gives a hacking wheeze, as if shifting a particularly asthmatic lump of phlegm in his throat.

“Look at Trisha. She does not believe she is a hero, either. She came to us with no illusions that she was doing anything but hunting down a story. Nevertheless, she brought our plight to the surface with her words... and since then, the charities of your world have done more to help us than ever before.” The cloaked mass peers at her. “Always remember, child... it is never too late to remedy your motives.” Trisha flushes brightly under her cheap makeup, and looks away. The One Eyed King sighs sadly. “It was not your fault that you brought down the killers, as well...”

He turns back to you, and you can hear fearful murmurs spreading through the crowd of mole people behind you. “The men you saw are... they are your police. Sanctioned... exterminators, sent by your government to clear us from our homes.” He sighs again. “There was no place for us above, and now they deny us a home below. If only we could reach our Sanctuary of old... but that way lies blocked with black magic.”

“Understand, Bolt. Without help, they will eventually wipe us out. All of us. But...” A bulge appears in the fabric, as if Old One Eye has raised a finger to make a point. “But... do not mistake me. I will not beg for your help, or make you aid us in exchange for the path to the dungeons under the Centinel Building. All you need do is ask for that, and we will give it to you.”
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