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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Sometimes life just sucks, and then there's tonight.

Tracy hasn't felt pain like this since he stood too close to a blast of C-4 early in his career. He'd been too cocky then, and is still too cocky now. To say that Maim is more dangerous than he was before would be like saying Bolt is kinda quick, or that Osprey is a wuss; it's a major understatement. He promises his body extra women and booze if it works overtime, and in response he feels some of his bleeding slow and clot. His neck cracks as he rolls it in a circle and he considers his situation. He's a giant S&M superfreak who gets stronger when hit. Right.

People always think a guy of Tracy's size and disposition is automatically stupid, and to be fair, they're usually right. Yet when the blood is up, he can be remarkably insightful. Here, for instance, is a situation where his speciality--punching the bejesus out of things--isn't going to work. The dent in Maim's flesh had only made him stronger. Plus he made a really creepy moan, and Tracy didn't like hearing that when he hit a guy.

"You still hit like a girl," he lies. "No wonder they kicked you out. Freak."

X wants time. Fine. Tracy will give him time. He charges forward, fist raised, but his left hand stays open and it snakes out, grabbing ahold of Maim. If he can hold him, and not hurt him, maybe he can avoid getting another ass kicking.

((OOC: Move, grapple.))

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