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What the-- was that a teleport? Haven't heard about any... waidaminit, wasn't there one at the warehouse? Ack, no time! Unable to come up with a proper response to the unusual stimulus, Quantum commits himself to action. Mentally thanking the other two helping with crowd control, he concerns himself with the real threat: Devolution.

"Laugh it up, monkey-boy," he yells over the tumult. "We're going for a ride!" Closing the distance as quickly as he can, he grabs hold of the half-evolved freak and relocates, taking Devo along for the ride.

(OOC: Move up, get him in my field, and teleport us both straight up as far as I can. If needed, using Move-By Attack to get hold of him before t-porting. Let's get him on the roof, where there are fewer people he can hurt.)
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