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Just before you teleport out, you see the red and blue lights of the police strobing towards the Gardens, and the doors burst outwards as the panicking mob surges out, screaming, sobbing and trampling each other. Reality folds and unfolds around you, the image of the street outside milling with frightened people shifting in one blurred wipe to the dark, reeking interior of what is swiftly becoming a riot.

The thousands of men and women in the audience batter at each other in blind rage, or in an attempt to escape the press and make it to the doors. The Neanderthal-things tower above them, smashing their way through the people with ease, pick human bodies up and hurling them like rag dolls, or sometimes just battering them aside with red-furred arms.

Devolution stands hunched on the stage, cackling in glee. The bones woven into his dirty white beard clatter together and he sharpens his talon-like nails on the neck of a glass flask which he had just withdrawn from his ragged coat. You spot Meteoric in a small crater made from smashed musical equipment, his fiery aura faded. Thereís a bloody gash across his muscular chest, and heís half curled up into a fetal ball.

As you gather your strength for your next move, you realise there are at least two other people here that stand out from the mass of people. Halfway up the stairs, a short, olive-skinned woman ushers as many people as she can towards the emergency exits. Those around her seem remarkable calm, given the circumstances, and certainly arenít as rabid as the rest of the audience.

In another place, you see a knot of neanderthals and maddened civilians, clustered together as if dogpiling on some unfortunate. The knot suddenly bulges up, and a figure bursts from the mass, with several others hanging from it. A hefty white man soars upwards, borne by large, mechanical wings that beat at the air. He manages to shake off the madmen clinging to him, and points his arms down. Devices on his wrists chuff, and launch nets down at the attackers below him, tangling several of them up.

At least two. As you take this in, an uneasy sensation crawls through your brain. You canít quite place it, but it feels like the feeling you get when you teleport... but perceived from the outside.
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