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The Mechanic

Possible scenarios whirl through your mind like the pages from a science journal caught in a cyclone as you stand in the radioactive chamber, clad in the huge, bulky metallic suit. What other function could a device like this fulfill? Some kind of sacrifice chamber? An... atomic beacon? No, who would there be to pick it up? Oooh, maybe aliens! Hmm, maybe not. Some kind of weapon? What if they could focus the radiation some how, use it to vapourise their enemies?

Well, maybe there
is some way to get power out of it... superconducting crystals in the rock? What if they had a metallic receptor in the village above, and beamed energy to it with some kind of Heinlein projector-array? Thered have to be porous sections in the rock...

Robert is shaken out of his thoughts by a brisk knock on the radiation-proof water window. Dr LaCroix waves at him through the glass. She lifts a hardened signal radio to her mouth, and you scramble to find yours.

Her voice crackles through the intense interference. Dr. Thomas, Dr. Sachs just reported something I think you might find interesting. Hes been analyzing inscriptions on the walls of the tunnel that leads down here... and according to him, its in Anasazi. Hes working on a translation now. You shake your head; getting more mysterious is exactly what this situation needs. A Coloradan site with the writings of a disappeared New Mexican culture, housing a two-thousand year old nuclear pile? Youd get a headache if it wasnt so gloriously exciting.

The slim black plasma chemist peers through the window, surveying the room. A touch breathlessly, she asks: So, what have you found out? Have you decided how to proceed?