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'Didn't know I could fly...and probably didn't expect me to survive the fall, so she's playing for keeps. As inscrutably as he can muster, Rob studies her from across the gap. 'Voiceless one...reckon what that's all about. Maybe she didn't hear me...nah. Probably some kind of weird Eastern spiritual thing, I'm not giving off the right kind of vibe or something.' He pats the side of his thigh with the barong's flat, considering his options. 'Looks like she's got some neat little toys to go along with her kung-pow. I've got mobility. Other than that, we're unknown quantities to each other...except that I think I can use her motivations to my advantage.'

"Come and get me." The leap is a classic rearward shootdodge across the roof, ending in a midair twist and a dive over the far edge. Let her follow as she can; he's guessing that she's reliant on that grapple to cover wide open spaces, which will hopefully give him the opportunity to out-maneuver her and take her unawares.

OOC: Full-move flight away from Red Hare, diving out of sight at the earliest opportunity. His general strategy is to try to lead her on a merry chase, circle around her and attack from stealth.